Today we started working on this less-than-beautiful Taito cocktail arcade table.

It’s gonna need some work but she’ll look great in a week or so. I’ll post a few pics as the build goes on.

This is the starting point. No fittings apart from the control panels and the legs.

…and a massive hole?

Found another original feature. One speaker. Tick

We’ve given this table a proper clean. So now its a clean box, I decided air mounting the board would be unrealistic so I fixed the hole instead.

We refurbished the red joysticks, new rubber and micro switches. They now feel better than new.

The chrome has left the building. Total corrosion 🤘but we’ll look at that later.

The first panels back together, joystick in and a space saving 3 button unit.


Now, originally I didn’t like the triple button unit, but in this case it works well and looks good.

And here’s the backside… reverse or control panel. However you want to look at it.

Another hole filled.

I know this looks like a tangled mess of wires but it’s not. It is in fact the result of using the recycled wiring that came with the joysticks. Wires that I would of liked being a little longer but they’ll be fine after being tidy up late.

Now it’s leg time!

A story in pictures.











We use 15inch monitors in most tables of this type. The monitors are dismantled to allow for the LCD panel to be secured to the tabletop. It also gets the screen closer to the surface of the glass, improving the finish.

We’ve remount the monitors back, with the vga socket relocated.


Panel 2 went in today, refitted the joystick with new rubber and micro switches. It now looks good and feels very positive just like panel 1.

We cleaned the tabletop, masked off the screen and liberally sprayed it black.

We got the glass cut, milled polished by Whole Sale Glass Telford they did a great job as you can see👍

The glass is pinned to the glass due to three of the corner brackets being missing. I don’t have the tools to make new ones and originals are as rare as rocking horse 💩.

Next came the tinkering and testing, and everything works just right. Thanks Stu👍

And finally here’s the finished upgraded and renewed Taito cocktail arcade table top.









That’s another once loved arcade machine brought back to life and ready to rock again✌️

If you’d like to own your own personal tabletop arcade or would like one restored, rebuilt or upgraded please get in touch.



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