This arcade machine was redesigned and built to meet the customers requirements, one of which was to be a unique design. It is a reproduction and is not a copy, so we’ve been creative with the art package and cab shape choice to evoke the feeling of the original.

As another request was for the machine to be robust and require minimal maintenance, so we chose a internal setup that works for the customer and that they where happy with.

So lets get into it.

We start off with a reworked Streets cab form our stock. This machines design wasn’t original and didn’t have a PCB. I liked the shape of the cab and thought it would look good in blue. We’ve kept the Pengo Marquee and screen, control panel and wiring loom for a later project. Then it was stripped down to its bear cab, sad but it will be worth it.

We could of air sprayed the cab blue but I wanted a deep blue finish, vinyl wrap over all exposed surfaces did the job.

12v LED Lighting replaces the 240w phorescent light. The LED’s run on 12 Volts and are great for a low maintenance machine.

We installed a reconditioned LCD screen rather than a CRT to reduce maintenance issues for the customer. I’ve also cut and dropped on the console and screen bezel.

All the artwork for this Track and Field arcade machine has either been built from scratch or rebuilt form photos in house. We print on high quality high paper and print at 300 dpi, all prints are laminated and are fitted professionally.


The Marquees applied to clear acrylic and covered with another sheet of the same.

Control Panel CPO fitted and vintage buttons fitted.

Nice new blue T-moulding fitted.

I was really pleased with this side art, how it fits and colour matching.

The Systems has a Jamma wiring loom connected to a Pandora’s Box 5s. Its been restricted to two games Hyper Sports and Track n Field. I also added some extra decal around the glass screen to finish up the job.


And here’s the finish machine before it was bubble wrapped and shipped to a very happy customer.

Here’s the comparison from the Pengo cab into the Track n Field.







Thanks for looking.

Till next time.

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